Electric Cars And The Teslas

Electric Cars And The Teslas
Electric Cars And The Teslas

No physics lover would say, the name “Tesla” doesn’t ring a bell. There is no prophetic declaration needed to clarify the fact that this name, “Tesla,” reveals the relationship strings between man and electricity. You mention Tesla, you think electricity. Now the notion of electric cars has been a potential concept for ages, because of its ability to provide a clean source of energy required to power our automobiles. I would like to elaborate on electric cars and the significance of this technology in our present-day society, and a little something on the world’s leading brand of electric cars manufacturing, “Tesla Inc.”

It would be necessary to bear in mind that the company, Tesla Inc, has absolutely nothing to do with the great electrical scientist of the eighteenth century, Nikola Tesla. It could be that the company’s name stands as an honor to Nikola Tesla himself, and shows the relationship between the company and the conceptual electrical innovation. More like a tribute to a godfather. So if you feel or have come to find out if electricity would determine our automobile future soon, please, read with me.

Who was Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a Serbian-American electrical engineer and inventor, well known for his work, which immensely contributed to the invention of the modern alternating current (AC), electricity supply system. He was a man with big dreams born into the eighteenth century, and quite frankly, achieved a lot during his time. All physics students should be aware of the unit Tesla, the unit of the magnetic flux density. This was done to immortalize and honor Tesla for his contribution to that field, even from death. He is known to have designed the AC motor, induction motor, polyphase system, wireless system, and even the torpedo amongst others. He was fundamental to our future today. Well let’s not get to caught up with him, though he was a legend, I must say.

What is an electric car/vehicle?

An electric car is any vehicle that uses electric motors powered by completely rechargeable batteries to engage movement in an automobile. This is basically the meaning of such a vehicle. It doesn’t run completely on hydrocarbons or doesn’t use hydrocarbons at all. This is a huge step forward to an eco-friendly form of an automobile as no residue is released into the atmosphere. And a planet full of these cars would initiate a significant step-down in one of our major eco-pollutants, hydrocarbons. Electric cars are more or less powered by a clean form of energy, in the form of electricity. The good part of this technology is the fact that they are now with us, and one company has made a humongous breakthrough in manufacturing solely, electric-powered vehicles with no reliance on hydrocarbon. This is where we usher in the TESLA INC!

Tesla Inc

I presume some of us may have seen the Tesla and their S,3, X, Y series, looking all sleek and
spicy. We may have even wished to own one someday. That is great! And I would love to throw in the bonus that these cars are all electrically powered, no combustion of hydrocarbons to initiate locomotion. So you are driving a sleek beauty and playing a positive role in our eco relationship. Makes you feel good about yourself right?…Good.

Now, this electric car manufacturing juggernaut was birthed on July 1st, 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, and came out with their first electric-powered vehicle, the Roadster, as accounted by Wikipedia. It was previously known as Tesla Motor Inc, until the need to perfect the Tesla brand, pushed them further into the battery, solar panel roofs and glasses manufacturing, got rid of the ‘motors,’ leaving just Tesla Inc. January 2004, they needed funding and billionaire, Elon Musk provided this solution, better growing and pushing Tesla Inc steps into the limelight. An agreement was equally agreed upon and Elon Musk was acknowledged as one of Tesla Inc’s founders. Tesla has gone a long way in the

list of achievements for the electric car genre. Each vehicle manufactured, run on a lithium-ion battery cell, and can travel over 300 miles after a full charge. These batteries are rechargeable with a life span of 10-15 years as revealed by Tesla Inc. Normally, an electric vehicle would require were to charge, and Tesla Inc has taken their time to develop supercharging stations with superchargers designed to charge Tesla cars in around 30 minutes. Tesla Inc began building these electrical stations for their electric cars in 2012 and by 2019 they had over 1,716 stations globally and over 15,000 superchargers too. This is a technological beauty, to stand in a station and pump electrons into a lithium-ion battery in your car to send her purring like a sleek cat on the prowl.

The research on AI by Musk and his company has also given Tesla vehicles a more futuristic outlook. The latest Tesla cars are now infused with self-driving software and features. This includes cameras and supersonic sensors amongst others. These advanced electric cars are now able to, stop for pedestrians, obstructions, and even traffic lights until you indicate that you are good to go. Though the self-driving mode isn’t completely developed, Tesla has announced that by the end of this year, Tesla car owners would be able to sleep in their electric cars and be autonomously driven to their destinations.

Though they have had their ups and downs, Tesla electric cars have moved Tesla Inc from most valuable American automaker on January 10th, 2020, to most valuable automaker in the world by market capitalization on July 1st, 2020. It beat Toyota to that achievement, this year, placing Elon Musk as the new fifth richest man in the world. Tesla Inc, valued as a million-dollar company in the past, is now valued at 206 billion dollars, leaving Toyota in second place with 202 billion dollars. All these achievements in just 17yrs, thanks to the innovation of electric cars. Currently, Tesla electric motors have sold over 891,000 units worldwide and have traveled 10 billion miles (16km) across the Earth.


A future with electric cars is inevitable, I admit that. The evidence can be seen in the growth speed of Tesla Inc. Pollution is a problem and the world would acknowledge any positive contribution to curb it. The electric vehicle is that solution, and Tesla Inc, saw it coming.

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