Effects Of Technological Advancements In Our Modern Day Society

Effects Of Technological Advancements In Our Modern Day Society
Effects Of Technological Advancements In Our Modern Day Society

Every action must have an equal and opposite reaction. This is the Newton third law, and one of the laws that govern the operation of the universe. Therefore, the rapid growth and development of technology in our world as we know it is meant to have a ripple effect on we humans, interact and influence we and our environment, positively and negatively.

This is an article written to outline and explain some major occurrences which technological advancements have induced in our everyday life. We hope to fulfill our goals in you by spreading useful knowledge inclined at imbibing all interested readers with insights to fortunes and misfortunes the effect of technology in our society has born and bred. But first, what do you understand as the meaning of technology?

We would define technology as the application of knowledge previously known, recently or accidentally discovered, to invent something usable in a specific field or fields, especially in applied sciences. Wikitionary.org gave a more simplified definition of technology as the organization of knowledge for practical purposes, and it’s etymology as being coined from Greek words tékhnē (art) and logía (the study of something).

Beneficial Effects Of Technology

1. Health Upgrade

Is one of the most important benefits technological advancements brought to the round table. There used to be a time when ailments as little as fever from malaria proved most fatal with almost no hope of recovery. But right now, there are hundreds of really effective drugs with the potential to cure a patient in just a few days, machines capable of aiding thousands of research and manufacturing of effective drugs in a short time.

Today, the presence of bio-engineering and genetic engineering technology has gone a long way in influencing humanity as we know it. So far so good, genetic engineering has played roles in reducing chances of getting some genetically inherited diseases like diabetes, etc, and even helped work towards finally getting an effective cure for cancer. Bioengineering on its own has led the research and invention of some state of the art technological human parts and gadgets (e.g pacemakers for heart, bionic arms for amputees). Technological advancement has also proven useful in successful major surgeries and the time taken to synthesize vaccines against deadly viruses.

2. Research Advancements

Almost every discovery and invention is a result of purposeful, meticulous research. Keep that in mind. Though somewhere made accidentally, it’s just a trivial number at most. The real numbers were discovered and invented because the man needed it. But guess what made it possible and easier for man? TECHNOLOGY! As a gifted animal on the mental plane, man invents lots of theories, but research needed for implementation of these theories, depends greatly on what technology we have available at the time.

The rapid advancement of technology magnanimously aided the research that built a rocket and put a man in space. Right now, we have unmanned drones in Mars and research going on to discover how habitable the planet is. Technology has equally aided medical research, engineering research (such as genetically engineering plants to try to produce more healthy strains of crops). There is actually no limit to the level of research made possible by the right technology.

3. Easier Life

I need to see my wife, and I am two cities away. Oh! I have a mobile phone, we can just see
and chat through the video call. Well if this was the 15BC, God so help you! You must trek. Okay, you need to get out of town quickly, you don’t trek or book a chariot, you drive a car or book a flight, get to your destination in hours at most, instead of days or weeks.

Real easy right? Now the advancement from booking a chariot to booking a flight years later is one of the real examples of technological advancement. Technology also catapulted us from hours of searching for information in the library to seconds of surfing the internet. Information and knowledge are now within the grasp of both patricians and plebeians. The easy access of information eliminates the idea of true knowledge being only for the patricians alone. Talk about making it easier for the common man.

4. Easier Income Generation

We would have agreed on the fact that technological advancement creates employment, but an increase in technology also takes jobs too as people are replaced with machines that do their jobs more effectively. So this would be a double-edged sword. Therefore, it would be better we
settle for a samurai katana with a single sharp edge.

We can all agree technology has made income generation a whole lot easier. Take me for example, I am writing this article from the comfort of my bed, with my Android phone and getting paid to do it. Remember, the Kardashian sister, Kylie Jenner, is a social media influencer/entrepreneur now worth billions of dollars because of fame she acquired online, resulting in easy advertising of her cosmetics online.

The internet today has created lots of billionaires, the current richest man and first centenary billionaire we had in the 21st century, and owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, makes his money from the internet! Online marketing. All these are a result of the rapid increase in technology as we have seen today.

Negative Effects Of Technological Advancements

1. Distractions

Technology provides room for extreme relaxation which encourages a pleasant escape for
the ideal lazy man and a waste of resourceful time. I would use myself as an example so you can get an inkling of what distractions truly are. I am a guy who loves to read novels and do researches online when am not busy gathering life experience on the field, but, I am also a movie lunatic, I have this heightened desire to view blockbusters, and can spend a whole day going through movies after movies.

By the time I am done, I would have wasted productive time in relaxing. To put more oxygen to the fire, the invention of media playing phones, laptops, DVD’s and especially IMAX 3D didn’t help in any way. It took me years and so much wasted time to be able to develop the right control. Now, what of console gamers, social media addicts, and a whole lot of people obsessed with gadgets? Look around you! It wouldn’t take a genius to know that a lot of useful time and productivity is wasted on the distractions of technology.

2. Reduces Privacy

for almost all individuals, Privacy is a necessity. That is the reason we put on clothes, live in opaque houses, and keep our affairs personal. A release of your personal life to the wrong hands could lead to all forms of blackmail, identity theft, material theft, and other forms of crimes too. These crimes on personal privacy were quite difficult until technology made everything easier.

You could spy on someone and get as much personal detail by mounting hidden cams or hacking into their systems. Social media has also helped in letting private details be released for all to easily see too. Any decent hacker with the right knowledge can break into that private life you uploaded to the cloud. So millions have to be spent by companies to maintain a strong firewall to prevent the release of valid information to these cyber-criminals. And technological evolution made this possible.

3. Weapons Of Mass Destruction

This is a major problem of Technological advancements. Wars must be fought, and we all need to win. Gone are the days when better weaponry was judged by how sharp your blades were, or how durable your shields were. Now to be a force to reckon with, you must possess mighty artilleries capable of wiping off cities in mere seconds. All ‘sarcastic’ thanks are given to nuclear weapons. From the pistols, rapid-fire assault rifles, 50 Calibre machine guns capable of firing more than 200 rounds in a minute and leveling a building in minutes, to the atomic, hydrogen and fusion bombs capable of wasting all life forms in more than one city, the man finally outdid himself in a quest for firepower.

Albert Einstein once said, “I do not know what weapons world war three would be fought with, but world war four would be fought with sticks and stones”. Why do you think a brain that made theories, that control our future made this statement? Technological advancements of course! And the use of these technologies to create weapons of mass destruction. In truth, so many terrible, humanity destructive weapons exist, if we fight a third world war with these weapons, we will surely lose billions of lives and end civilization as we know it.

It will plunge us back to the stone ages, and any other war that arises after this won’t have technology at its forefront. Just rudimentary, crude weapons, coupled with the fear of what technology did on the previous age. For a fact, wikipedia.org accounts that world war one had an estimated death of 15-22 million people (civilians and military), twenty-five years later, world war two was fought and an estimated number of 70-85 million civilians and military lost their lives. The first atomic bomb also aided this when it was dropped in Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with a ripple effect still felt at present. This massive loss difference in a time frame of just 25 years, is mostly as a result of new technological weapons of mass destruction.

4. Ecological Pollution

this nightmare was a child born from the emergence of the industrial age. Huge smoking machines, and the development of industries as a result of technologies. Right now we have millions of vehicles, generators, and lots of factories, pumping harmful gases into the atmosphere. We want a lot of Technological machinery for our benefit right? But, guess what? It comes with a cost, and our ecosystem continuously pays the price. Let’s look at these eco-pollutions, ozone layer depletion, global warming, air pollutions like smogs, massive deforestation for urbanization, and the explosion of nuclear plants like in Chernobyl, which brought about a barren, uninhabited land for years. Technologies, though it does a lot, we equally pay a price.


Nothing worthwhile is easily done. As the common saying goes, “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” We would make mistakes during our transition with technological advancements, but there would be major gains too. We need only figure out a way to reduce it’s a negative impact, generally or individually. Everyone has a role to play. I hope you all learned something from this? Thank you for your time.

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