Com­mon Android Phone Prob­lems and Ways to Fix Them

10 Common Android Phone Problems and How to Fix Them

Android smartphones can get old or become outdated just like every other smartphone like the IOS. And when smartphones become outdated they begin to experience some problems.

many people get tempted to buy a new smartphone once their old phones are beginning to have problems, without thinking about ways to fix these problems or the cause of it.

In this article, we have put together the most android phones problems and how you can fix them, without worrying about buying another smartphone.

Com­mon Android Prob­lems and How to Fix Them

Android phones just like every other smartphone have problems. Here are the most common problems android user experience and how you can fix these problems.

1. Google Play Store Not Downloading Apps

Most android users experience this kind of problem, google play store refusing to download apps. To get over with this problem you have to clear your cache with these major steps.

  • Launch the Google Play Store.
  • Open the left sidebar and go to Settings.
  • Choose Clear local search history.

2. Experiencing Constant Battery draining

So many people complain bitterly about their battery capacity diminishing and not lasting as expected. This can be as a result of some factors affecting your phone, like the phone’s bright light, location. How to fix this.

  • Enter the settings menu
  • Click on Location
  • Select battery-saving mode

As for brightness, you should avoid using auto-brightness and instead turn your screen down somewhere below halfway, or to a level that is acceptable for your eyes.

3. Experiencing Frozen and slow user interface

Are you experiencing your smartphone slowing down? this could be a result of the internal memory fills up or maybe you are running so many apps at the same time. To resolve this problem you can close the apps you are no longer using,  delete app cache, and limit the use of live wallpapers. How to clear app cache

  • Go to your Settings
  • Select the app you want to clear cache
  • Click on Clear Cache

You can also use app cleaner to clear your app cache very easily and faster App Cache Cleaner and Clean Master, both of which are available for free from the Google Play store. This clear cache on your phone automatically

4. Having Connectivity issues?

Are you having a problem connecting your phone’s Bluetooth, WiFi, or your cellular network? You can fix this problem by simply Turning your phone Airplane mode ON for about 30 mins. Also, you can choose to do a hard reset on your device by turning your device Off for about 60 secs and reset.

​5. Do your smartphones always Overheat?

This problem is common when you are using the phone while charging, this process doesn’t give your phone enough room for charging and so causes overheating.

To resolve this issue give your phone a break to cool off and also try to close some running apps which are causing your phone to overheat.

6.  Unable to Play a Downloaded Video

This isn’t really a problem, most smartphones don’t support videos with either WEBM, MPG, MP2, MP4 formats all you have to do is to download support which helps you to converts these video formats to be suitable for your smartphone. I recommend you to download either of these two video players to help play downloaded videos.

7. App crashes

Apps crash for so many reasons, but mostly because your app is outdated and needs update/upgrade. You can fix this type of issue by google to your play store search on the app using the search engine then you will find an option for updates. You can also fix this type of issue by closing your apps and try reopening.

8. Is your Screen not Responding?

This particular type of problem can be so irritating and you might even want to throw your phone against the wall. But relax for its no big deal unless you dropped your phone or it fell into the water, then you have to see a technician to fix this, but if not, please kindly restart your phone by turning your phone off and ON again.

9. Android Device Won’t Turn On

This type of problem mostly occurs when your phone is slowing down, and not functioning as supposed to.

If your phone doesn’t turn on, try the following steps:

  • Remove and reinsert the battery, if possible.
  • If the battery isn’t removable, hold down the power button for 15 seconds.
  • Plug the device into a power source, give it a few minutes, then hold the power button down for 15 seconds again.
  • Failing that, you likely need to either have the device serviced or return it.

10. Have you Noticed your Android Not Reading microSD Card?

When this happens, you should format the SD card from within Android. To format an Android microSD card.

  • Go to Settings > Storage.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select the Format SD card.
  • Finally, select the Format SD card again.

For those using Android 10, this process is slightly different:

  • Head to Settings > Storage.
  • Under Portable Storage, tap on your microSD card.
  • Tap on the three dots at the upper-right of the screen.
  • Select Storage settings from the context menu.
  • Choose Format, then select Format SD Card.

Android phones just like every other smartphone have problems. Android smartphones can get old or become outdated just like every other smartphone like the IOS. And when smartphones become outdated they begin to experience some problems. But like it was said to every problem there is a solution.

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